2017 Sonoma Hometown Band Spring Concert


That’s Entertainment—learn just what it is when you attend the Sonoma Hometown Band Spring Concert at the Sebastiani Theater. On April 15, Sonoma will have an opportunity to once again hear a piece written by Hometown Band Director, John Partridge. General Fremont’s March will be premiered again—if that is possible.


Partridge became involved with the Hometown band several years ago as a substitute conductor. He would fill in whenever then director, Justin Ehright could not attend a rehearsal. John grew to love the organization and decided he wanted to write a piece for it.


As he considered the premise for his piece, Partridge decided to combine his passions—his love of music and his love of history. In studying Sonoma history, he ran across the story of General Fremont.


He found that John Charles Frémont (born January 21, 1813 in Savannah, Georgia and died on July 13, 1890, in New York City) was an American military officer, explorer, and politician. He was legendary for his exploration of the Far West and leadership in acquiring California from Mexico.

        In view of Fremont’s place in history, Partridge said, “I learned about General Fremont - a very colorful and controversial figure.  I decided to write a march for the band and name it after him.”


Partridge adds, “Justin conducted the premiere performances and it was a thrill hearing my piece come to life!   I've revised it a bit and I'm very happy to have a chance to hear the band play it again.


The Sonoma Hometown Band will be “re-premiering” the General Fremont March at its April 15 Concert. In addition to General Fremont, the public will have the opportunity to hear the band’s renditions of such music as West Side Story, Wizard of Oz and That’s Entertainment.


The Hometown Band performance will be Saturday, April 15, at 1 p.m. at the Sebastiani Theatre, 476 1st Street East in Sonoma. Admission is free.