LaSalette Restaurant

Free LaSalette Restaurant Cookbook ($45.00 value 5-Star review on Amazon)

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Free copy of the LaSalette Restaurant Cookbook with guest check of $50 or more. ($45.00 value and 5-Star review average on Amazon)

The 360 page cookbook contains more than 100 recipes from LaSalette’s exciting seasonal menus that encapsulate Chef Azevedo’s “Cozinha Nova Portuguesa” or new Portuguese cuisine, which celebrates the diverse flavors of Portugal while promoting the use of fresh, local seasonal ingredients. LaSalette Cookbook provides readers with endless menu combinations to cook up and also includes a section devoted to recipes for Portuguese base flavorings to encourage home chefs to take their own experimental approach to cooking.

The LaSalette Cookbook not only contains Chef Azevedo’s extraordinary and original recipes, it also offers readers extensive information about Portuguese cuisine generally and each dish specifically, from historical stories to personal tales, through thoroughly researched sidebar-style texts and recipe introductions. The book is replete with stunning photographs from experienced photographer Henrique Bagulho, with images accompanying each recipe that will ensure the book will be as at home on the coffee table as on the kitchen counter.

LaSalette Restaurant
At home amidst the historic buildings surrounding Sonoma's landmark central plaza, LaSalette Restaurant has earned its reputation as one of Sonoma Valley's favorite restaurants since its inception in 1998. Chef Manuel Azevedo's signature Cozinha Nova Portuguesa - "New Portuguese Cuisine" - celebrates the varied and complex flavors of his native Portuguese homeland while adapting them to the immense offerings of top-quality ingredients from his current home in California. The result is a unique cuisine characterized by familiar Southern European comfort ingredients (olive oil, olives, garlic, tomatoes, onions, wine, parsley etc.), exotic seasonings picked up from around the globe during hundreds of years of Portuguese expeditionary voyages, and fresh local and sasonal Californian produce. As the success of LaSalette attests, it's a winning combination for lovers of traditional Portuguese fare and adventurous gourmets alike.