Infinite Blue

  • September 28, 2018 - January 06, 2019


The Sonoma Valley Museum of Art is proud to present the installation Infinite Blue by Streetcolor at the Museum.

Streetcolor is an internationally known textile artist known for her "yarnbombing," a clandestine and affirmative form of pop-up art, and for her interactive textile installations in museums. She yarnbombed the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art in 2014.

This site-specific, interactive textile installation was created by the artist and the community of Sonoma. A sea of blue and aqua, comprised of a total of 44 strands of pompoms, commemorates the 44 people who lost their lives in the fires of October 2017. The color blue produces a sensation of calmness and relief; the floating lines of pompoms offer an opportunity for reflection, movement, and the gradual return of joy.

Visitors are invited to help complete this installation by writing their thoughts, encouragements, and inspiration for their communities on a card and tying it to a pompom. The installation is both inside and outside the museum.


Photo credits: SVMA