Jack to Jack Yacht Race

  • April 27, 2019
  • Starting: 11:00 AM


The Jack to Jack - Inaugural Event

Our signature race, the Jack to Jack, occurs every April on Sonoma Creek, when historically, the water level is at its highest. The race takes place in Glen Ellen, from the Jack London Lodge, Creekside, to the Jack London Village, Creekside, a .7 mile course. The boats are replicas of Jack London's SNARK.

There are several heats during the day. Each heat takes approximately 30 minutes. Winners from each heat participate in the final race to determine the year's winner.

During the race, there are various activities, including transport between the Lodge and the Village, entertainment, food and wine. GPS on the boats and cameras placed along the creek banks enable spectators to watch the race live from screens at major venues.

Our Volunteer Firefighters are in charge of releasing and catching the boats.