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Want to meet the ghosts of wine country? Explore the dark but interesting history of Sonoma's past. Talk to the Native American Spirits who linger near the Mission, and meet the ghosts of Sonoma Plaza. Sonoma never really sleeps, there are spirit people wandering streets just waiting to tell their tales, some may even raise the hair on the back of your neck.

Imagine stepping back in history onto the El Camino Real, (The King's Highway) and meeting the ghosts that linger near the last Mission on the Mission Trail, Mission Solano. What would you ask them? Come and meet the ghosts of Sonoma Plaza, there are too many to count!
Discover the sinister history of City Hall and other spots around the Sonoma Plaza, including a ‘whipping tree,’ a mass grave, former brothels and barracks where ghostly soldiers still haunt the parade grounds. You’ll learn what dark secrets are hidden just below this charming city’s surface.

Follow two paranormal investigators on a ghost walking tour around the Sonoma Plaza. This 2-hour night tour introduces you to a different type of spirits in the California wine country. Meet the ghosts that linger near the Mission San Francisco Solano and hear haunting tales of Sonoma’s past, including the Bear Flag Revolt. Your guides uncover the mysteries with meter readings and other equipment as featured on the Travel Channel’s popular TV show ‘Ghost Adventures.’

Some of the areas we will be exploring include:
• The Whipping Tree
• Site of Indian Bear & Rattlesnake Sacrfice Ceremony
• The Story of Sem Yeto (Chief Solano) last Chief of Sonoma
• The Whipping Tree
• The Bear Flag Revolt & California's First and only President
• Mass grave just a few feet below a major thoroughfare off the Plaza
• City Hall, and the ghost of the Little Boy
• Bank Robbery gone bad, and the shoot out on the Plaza
• Former Brothel Locations, and the Ladies of The Night who are still working
• Mission Solano, a historic church with a dark past
• Meet the ghostly soldiers still haunting the barracks and parade grounds

Advance Tickets Required! This tour is brand new, and will be ongoing through fall, FRIDAY NIGHTS, 8 PM!


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