In 2001 the Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau conceived the idea of honoring Sonoma's contribution to olive cultivation and culture through the annual celebration of the Olive Season. 

In concert with two creative and dedicated groups, our Board of Directors and the Festival Steering Committee, in partnership with the local community, introduced the first Sonoma Valley Olive Festival in 2001 to an extraordinary reception.

Funding for the Festival is provided solely through partnerships and sponsorships of individuals and businesses, both large and small, non-profit and for-profit, whose goal is to uphold and preserve Sonoma's future. As the Festival grows from year to year, new possibilities and prospects for long-term exposure and opportunity will continue to be available to all; moreover, enthusiastic participation by the community, partners and sponsors will continue to result in success and rewards for the Sonoma Valley throughout the coming years.

The Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the Sonoma Valley as a unique destination, both at home and abroad, and providing its members with promotional opportunities and exposure through its strategic partnership network. The benefits of an event of such caliber as the Sonoma Valley Olive Festival are invaluable, and impact large and small businesses alike, as well as non-profit organizations throughout the community. Proceeds from each Olive Festival are used to fund the next year's Festival.

Our principle goal for the Festival is that it will continue to be a significant unifying force for Sonoma, successfully promoting the community's exceptional cuisine, wine and the arts within its authentic historical, agricultural context, and will positively impact the general economic vitality of the community.

We welcome you to Sonoma Valley and invite you to join us as we celebrate the season of the olive.