Meeting Minutes for October 13, 2016

Present: Norm Krug, Byron Jones, Wendy Stewart, Bill Blum, Wendy Stewart Stewart, , Zac Weinberg, Melody Lanthorn-Gale Absent: Carol Giovanatto, Dan Parks Guests: Jonny Westom, Kaala Stewart, John Tamiazzo, Kala Stein 

Call to Order; Roll call - Norm Krug 

Public Comment – None 

Motion made by Wendy Stewart to approve minutes of September 8, 2016 Motion seconded by Melody Lanthorn-Gale. Motion Passes unanimously.

Sonoma Community Center Grant Presentation by John Tamiazzo and Kala Stein Talked about Trashion Fashion week and Destination Ceramics Workshop Series 

Financial Update - Dan Parks Bill Blum gave report in Dan's absence. Reserve policy to be discussed at next meeting. 

Marketing Update - Jonny Westom Discussed Brand Strategy and Launch event on October 27 at Sebastiani Theatre including new creative. Will begin presenting a website performance report as part of our coming updated and improved board reports.

Grant application review and Possible Funding for Sonoma Community Center (2 requests - Fashion Trashion Week and Destination Ceramics Series), Sonoma Valley Museum of Art Winter Programs and Sonoma Int'l Seminars -Norm Krug Motion made by Wendy Stewart to Grant $7000 for Trashion Fashion Week and $3000 for the Destination Ceramics Series, $5,000 for the SVMA Winter Programs and to not fund the Sonoma Int'l Seminars request. Motion seconded by Byron Jones. Motion passes unanimously. Discussion of including TID payers on City of Sonoma Website - Norm Krug Motion made by Byron Jones to request the City of Sonoma include Sonoma TID payers on the TID page of the City's website, and include a breakdown by lodging type from the City with our quarterly payment to help identify our success in marketing all lodging types (Hotels, B&Bs, Vacation Rentals) and the contribution from each segment. Motion seconded by Wendy Stewart. Motion passes unanimously.

Consideration of Items for Future Agenda Norm Krug Brand Culturization Funding Request Group Marketing Discussion - Fam Trips, Incentive Program

Board Member Comments - None

Meeting adjournment. Set date for next meeting: Wednesday, November 9, 2016 at 8 AM at Best Western Sonoma Valley Inn