Board of Directors Meeting Minutes for November 9, 2016 Present: Norm Krug, Bill Blum, Zac Weinberg, Melody Lanthorn-Gale, Carol Giovanatto, Dan Parks Absent: Wendy Stewart Guests: Jonny Westom 

Call to Order; Roll call - Norm Krug 

Public Comment – None 

Motion made by Carol Giovanatto to approve minutes of October 13, 2016 Motion seconded by Melody Lanthorn-Gale. Motion Passes unanimously.

Financial Update and Discussion on Reserve Policy - Dan Parks Reserve discussion focused on keeping a reserve in the event of an emergency or other significant event that causes a downturn in business.

Motion made by Carol Giovanatto to keep an emergency reserve of $100,000 to provide bridge funding due to a natural disaster, economic downturn or business interruption. Motion seconded by Dan Parks. Motion passes unanimously. 

Marketing Report / Group Marketing Discussion - Jonny Westom 220 people attended the brand launch at the Sebastiani Theatre and overall it was very well received. The program unveiled the new logo, ad campaign and video as well as the Brand Promise. Lighting of the Plaza will be on Saturday and a good local turnout is expected. Transcendence Theatre will perform 7 songs. The meeting with the TID, SVVB Board and the B&B Association at Pangloss Winery went well and Carol Giovanatto spoke on what was being done to enforce the proliferation of unregistered vacation rentals. The SVVB has created a group marketing committee to discuss options for group marketing and the results will be reported at a future meeting.

Brand Culturization Funding Request - Jonny Westom Discussion of the Brand Culturization proposal which would train our local businesses and City Staff on service and bringing our Brand Promise to life. Motion made by Bill Blum to fund the Brand Culturization request at $7500. Motion seconded by Carol Giovanatto. Motion passes unanimously.

Board Replacement for Byron Jones - Norm Krug Board member Byron Jones has resigned from the Board and it was proposed that Zac Weinburg who is the owner of the Cottage Inn & Spa and President of the Sonoma Valley B&B Association join the Board as his replacement. Motion made by Bill Blum to elect Zac Weinburg to the Board of the Sonoma Tourism District representing B&Bs and Vacation Rentals replacing Byron Jones. Motion seconded by Carol Giovanatto. Motion passes unanimously.

Consideration of Items for Future Agenda Norm Krug Discussion of how to work together with the City and residents of Sonoma in balancing tourism and quality of life 

Sonoma TID Minutes of November 9, 2016, Continued Board Member Comments - None Meeting adjournment. Set date for next meeting: Thursday, December 15, 2016 at 8 AM at Best Western Sonoma Valley Inn