Sonoma Tourism Improvement District Board of Directors Meeting Minutes for December 14, 2017 Present: Norm Krug, Bill Blum, Zac Weinberg, Cathy Capriola, Dan Parks Absent: Kaala Stewart Guests: Jonny Westom, Fred Allebach, Tim Conlin 

Call to Order/Roll Call/Introductions – Norm Krug Public Comment – None Consent Items - None 

 Information Items - Presentation - Fred Allebach and Tom Conlin Presentation on sustainability and tourism and the triple bottom line – Balancing social, environmental and economy. Suggested looking a sustainable tourism growth rate, and improve the communication with the community on what we are doing. 

Financial Update – Dan Parks $100,000 was committed to the fire recovery campaign and have fully funded the SVVB off-season campaign as well. Still owe for the lighting of the Plaza and operation funding for the Visitors Center, then will be left with $18,000 and then will start to build up funds again for the next off-season. Funding may be less due to the fires and renovation of rooms in 2018 at MacArthur Place and the Lodge. Marketing Update – Bill Blum Reviewed off-season marketing plan that is a combination of print, cable television, billboard and online advertising. Action Items – Motion by Dan Parks to approve minutes of September 14, October 26 and October 30, 2017. Motion seconded by Zac Weinberg. Motion passes unanimously Research Study – Jonny Westom The goal of the study is to learn about the fiscal impact of tourism and what it brings to the community in terms of employment, taxes, and other benefits. Some Board members had not received the study so item was not acted on. Cathy Capriola asked to see if the study could segment the City of Sonoma from the Valley and also a include a housing element. Consideration of Items for Future Agenda – Air BnB / Vacation Rental compliance within the Sonoma City limits utilizing Muni Services or Host Compliance (used in Petaluma) to assist in enforcement. Replacement of Board position for The Lodge at Sonoma once a new GM is in place and consider and additional Board Member from the ElDorado Hotel. Board Member Comments - None Meeting adjournment. Set date for next meeting: Thursday, January 18, 2018 at 8 AM at the Best Western Sonoma Valley Inn, Mission Room C