Sonoma Tourism Improvement District
Board of Directors Meeting
Minutes for February 11, 2016
Present: Byron Jones, Carol Giovanatto, Bill Blum, Dan Parks, Wendy Stewart,
Absent: Norm Krug
Guests: Kaila Stewart, Jonny Westom

Public Comment - None
Approval of Minutes of November 12, 2015 and January 14, 2016
Motion made by Carol Giovanatto and seconded by Byron Jones. Motion Passes unanimously
Welcome to Melody Lanthorn-Gale, New GM at the Lodge at Sonoma - Wendy Stewart
Melody has been with Marriott for 28 years and is excited to be here in Sonoma. She was previously was
the regional GM for Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and Bay View.
Motion made by Wendy Stewart to approve Melody Lanthorn-Gale to the Sonoma TID Board to
replace former Lodge at Sonoma GM Suzy Hart and to have Kaila Stewart serve as an alternate for
Wendy Stewart and Gay Johann serve as an alternate for Carol Giovanatto .
Motion seconded by Bill Blum. Motion passes unanimously.
Financial Update
There is currently $423,000 in the TID account which includes the mid-January payment from the City of
Sonoma for Sept/Oct/Nov. Not all TOT/TID was collected, so the payment was less but should be fully
paid by the next payment. The independent audit commissioned by the TID for last fiscal year is in
process and should be completed soon.
Marketing Update - Discussion of Group Marketing - Jonny Westom
The MPINCC trade show produced nice leads, but planner attendance seemed light. A follow up report
to come. Group hotels will be meeting to develop a group marketing plan. There have been 18 million
impressions for the marketing campaign to date. Liam Mayclem the Foodie Chap on KCBS has been
recording our radio spots for KCBS and was the MC at the Feast of the Olive. We are in Romance Month
now and it will be followed by Girlfriends Month in March. Each will have its own promotions, ads and
radio spots. Jonny joined the Sonoma Valley Vintners and Growers Board to help find synergies in how
the two organizations can best work together. Martini Madness, The Blessing of the Olive, Olive to
Laugh and the Feast of the Olive were the signature events of Olive Season and all went very well. A
record number of press from around the Country attended the Feast.
Special Events/Grant Report - Bill Blum
We have no grants to consider this month
Consideration of Items for Future Agendas
Financial Update / Year Over Year Review - Dan Parks
Grant Request - SVGA for VinOlivo
Downtown Design Study - Carol Giovanatto
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Sonoma TID Minutes of February 11, 2016 - Continued
Board Member Comments
Byron Jones asked if it was time to start looking at Holidays in Sonoma ideas, ie: lasers, ice rink,etc.
Set date for next meeting: Thursday, March 10, 2016 at 8:00 am
Best Western Sonoma Valley Inn, Conference Room C, 550 Second Street West, Sonoma, CA 95476