Sonoma Tourism Improvement District
Board of Directors Meeting
Minutes for March 10, 2016
Present: Norm Krug, Wendy Stewart, Byron Jones, Bill Blum, Dan Parks, Melody Lanthorn-Gale,
Gay Johann (alternate) Absent: Carol Giovanatto
Guests: Jonny Westom, Kaala Stewart

Public Comment - None
Motion made by Byron Jones to approve minutes of February 11 ,2016
Motion seconded by Dan Parks. Motion Passes unanimously.
Financial Update - Dan Parks
Audit is completed and looks clean. Will review at next meeting. There is a balance of $430,000 in the
TID account and $125,000 will be transferred to the SVVB Marketing account. Will do a year over year
comparison at the next meeting. The draft budget for FY 2016/17 will be presented in May.
Marketing Update - Jonny Westom
In February attended the Northern California Meeting Planners International Trade Show with the Lodge
at Sonoma, MacArthur Place and Sonoma Valley Inn. Met with 73 Marriott account executives and
attended the SF Travel Outlook Forum with Visit California. Planning the CVENT trade show in June.
Purchased the Sonoma Valley destination on TripAdvisor which will give a new opportunity to promote
the destination. The new website will have an interactive map and a dedicated Sonoma section.
Romance month is wrapped up and was very successful with more than 200 social media images posted.
805% increase in Facebook fans in the past two years with high engagement.
Motion made by Byron Jones to approve the Sonoma Valley Vintners & Growers $10,000 Grant
Request for VinOlivo with the condition in can't be submitted late again in the future.
Motion seconded by Gay Johann. Motion Passes unanimously.
Update on Downtown Design Study - Carol Giovanatto
Postponed until future meeting in her absence
Consideration of Items for Future Agendas
TID Audit Review and year over year comparison - Dan Parks
Review / Discussion of proposed TID Grant Program changes - Jonny Westom/Bill Blum
Board Member Comments
Gay Johann - 1% of General Fund revenue will be for non-profits rather than the past tier 1 funding
Melody Lanthorn-Gale - Looks like they may be getting a program from MPI at the Lodge at Sonoma
Set date for next meeting: Thursday, April 21, 2016 at 8 AM at Best Western Sonoma Valley Inn