Sonoma Tourism Improvement District
Board of Directors Meeting
Minutes for April 21, 2016
Present: Norm Krug, Wendy Stewart, Byron Jones, Bill Blum, Dan Parks, Melody Lanthorn-Gale,
Gay Johann (alternate) Absent: Carol Giovanatto
Guests: Jonny Westom, Kaala Stewart

Public Comment - None
Motion made by Wendy Stewart to approve minutes of March 10, 2016
Motion seconded by Melody Lanthorn-Gale. Motion Passes unanimously.
Financial Update - Dan Parks
The full amount budgeted for the SVVB marketing program for FY 2015/16 of $525,000 has been given
to the Visitors Bureau. Total TID collections for FY 2015/16 are up 6% and were up 8% the year before.
As occupancy and rate continue to go up we could see smaller annual increases in future years until any
new inventory comes online. The account balance at the end of the fiscal year is $435,000. The TID just
received the check for the months of January, February and March from the City in the amount of
$142,000. The proposed TID Budget will be reviewed at the next meeting.
Motion made to Wendy Stewart to accept the TID audit done by Jones & Perry for the Fiscal Year
ending June 30, 2015 Motion seconded by Byron Jones. Motion Passes unanimously.
Marketing Update - Jonny Westom
May 4th is the annual Membership Meeting at Hanna Boys Center and we have 180 rsvps so far. We
have wrapped up the 2015/16 Marketing Campaign with the exception of the online campaigns. The
results of the online campaign have been great with an 8% click-thru rate which is 4 times the natinal
average. The City has added a tour bus drop off location on the horseshoe to alleviate busses dropping
off people around the Plaza. We are averaging 22,000 individual visits to the website each month. Our
new responsive website will be ready to launch at the end of June. 41% of all searches on the Visitors
Bureau website are now done on mobile devices which is why the new responsive website will be so
great. Sonoma County has provided a grant to assist with the development of an interactive map for the
website that will include the Springs, Glen Ellen, Kenwood, Sonoma and Carneros. A media plan has
been developed and will be presented at the next meeting. We have hired a new Operations Manager Jose Luciano who will bring a tremendous amount of experience to the position.
Disccusion of proposed changes to Grant Program - Jonny Westom
The idea of not actually providing funds to recipients, but providing marketing services for them to
promote the event was discussed. The Board was not comfortable moving 100% in this direction and felt
that a compromise where some funds were provided along with SVVB marketing support was a better
solution. It was also agreed that a set period for all grant applications should be developed and past
recipients should be made aware of this. A revised proposal will be presented at the next TID meeting
for review.
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Update on Downtown Design Study - Carol Giovanatto
Postponed until future meeting in Carol's absence
Consideration of Items for Future Agendas
Proposed TID Budget - Dan Parks
SVVB Marketing Plan Review - Jonny Westom
Review / Discussion of proposed TID Grant Program changes - Jonny Westom/Bill Blum
Holidays in Sonoma discussion including lighting plan and ice rink
Board Member Comments
Byron Jones - Bungalows 313 joind the SVVB and became a member of the Sonoma Valley B&B
Association. Sonoma's Best has been sold and went to Tasca Tasca and it was very good
Set date for next meeting: Thursday, May 12, 2016 at 8 AM at Best Western Sonoma Valley Inn