Sonoma Tourism Improvement District
Board of Directors Meeting
Minutes for June 16, 2016
Present: Norm Krug, Bill Blum, Dan Parks, Melody Lanthorn-Gale, Wendy Stewart, Byron Jones,
Absent: Carol Giovanatto
Guests: Jonny Westom, Kaala Stewart, Gay Johann (alternate for Carol Giovanatto)

Public Comment - None
Motion made by Wendy Stewart to approve minutes of May 12, 2016
Motion seconded by Melody Lanthorn-Gale. Motion Passes unanimously.
Financial Update - Dan Parks
Presented FY 2016-17 TID Budget for review and possible approval.
Motion made by Dan Parks to approve FY 2016/17 TID Budget as submitted
Motion seconded by Wendy Stewart. Motion Passes unanimously.
Marketing Update - Jonny Westom
The SVVB marketing budget was approved at the last SVVB Board meeting. We will have an $18,000
deficit. The new website has launched and have 30 days to work out kinks before
rolling it out to the membership. The meetings page is being updated so will need information from the
meeting hotels. The TID website will migrate over also but can be accessed at Did an
audit of TID properties and updated the list. Want to put together a TID payer reception to educated
them on all of the opportunities available. The creative RFP is out for a new design firm. It was sent to 19
companies and has been narrowed down to 4. A decision will be made mid-July. Started the
video/photo shoot on Tuesday at the Farmers Market. Will do 20 shots a month to capture all seasons.
Review and Possible Approval of Revised TID Grant Program Guidelines - Jonny Westom
Presented revised TID Grant Program guidelines. Changes included an application form and dates for
applications to be submitted for consideration - July 1, 2016 and August 31, 2016.
Motion made by Bill Blum to approve amended TID Grant Program Guidelines as submitted
Motion seconded by Dan Parks. Motion Passes unanimously.
Holidays in Sonoma Discussion / Ice Rink - Wendy Stewart / Byron Jones
Byron will send out some ideas for Plaza lighting to consider for future years.
Consideration of Items for Future Agendas
Holidays in Sonoma Update - Jonny Westom / Wendy Stewart
Downtown Design Study - Carol Giovanatto
Update on TID payer Reception / B&B and Vacation Rental communication ideas - Jonny Westom
TID Annual Report to the City Update - Jonny Westom
Board Member Comments - None
Set date for next meeting: Thursday, July 14, 2016 at 8 AM at Best Western Sonoma Valley Inn