Sonoma Tourism Improvement District Board of Directors Meeting Minutes for February 9, 2017 Present: Norm Krug, Melody Lanthorn-Gale, Bill Blum, Zac Weinberg, Dan Parks, Kaala Stewart (alternate), Rebekah Barr (alternate) Absent:, , Wendy Stewart, Cathy Capriola Guests: Jonny Westom, Doug McKesson, Hunt Bailey, Jeff Montague, Brad Dropping, Matt Rennie 

Call to Order; Roll call - Norm Krug 

Public Comment - Doug McKesson urged the Board to support the upcoming Sonoma Valley Hospital parcel tax measure. Since 1945, it's the first hospital district in California. Needs to pass by 66 2/3% + 1. 

Automated Bicycle Rental Presentation - Brad Dropping and Matt Rennie Mr. Dropping and Brad Rennie, owners of Spinway, Inc. made a presentation on an automated bicycle rental system that could work for hotels and also possibly also in front of the Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau. Approval of Minutes of January 5, 2017 - Norm Krug Motion made by Melody Lanthorn Gale to approve the minutes. Motion seconded by Bill Blum. Motion passes unanimously. Financial Update - Dan Parks The TID transferred $300,000 to the Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau marketing account which completes the budgeted obligation for the fiscal year. The January TID collection check from the City should be coming soon for the months of September, October and November. Marketing Report / Group Marketing Discussion - Jonny Westom Web stats continue to grow and are showing a 52.95% increase compared to the same period in 2015. Off-Season media placement included print, cable TV, radio, and online advertising resulting in more than 25 million impressions. PR activities in January were some of the best on record with more than 27 million unique impressions and a media value of $751, 875. The Strategy Culturalization at the Lodge at Sonoma was a big success with 160 members attending the program bringing the total number who went through it to 210. The Group and Leisure Sales Committee has finalized a trade show schedule. Discussion on working together with the City and Local Community on Balancing Tourism and Quality of Life in Sonoma - Jonny Westom Jonny handed out a community relations proposal to with suggested actions by the various groups who benefit from and are impacted by tourism. The proposal will also be shared with the SVVB board, community leaders and strategic partners. 

Consideration of Items for Future Agenda - Norm Krug Continue discussion on balancing tourism and quality of life in Sonoma Board Member Comments - None Meeting adjournment. Set date for next meeting: Thursday, March 9, 2017 at 8 AM at Best Western Sonoma Valley Inn