Sonoma Tourism Improvement District
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes for March 9, 2017 Present: Norm Krug, Melody Lanthorn-Gale, Bill Blum, Zac Weinberg, Dan Parks, Kaala Stewart (alternate), Cathy Capriola Absent: Wendy Stewart, Guests: Jonny Westom
Call to Order; Roll call - Norm Krug
Public Comment - None
Approval of Minutes of February 9, 2017 - Norm Krug
Motion made by Norm Krug to approve the minutes. Motion seconded by Melody Lanthorn Gale. Motion passes unanimously.
Financial Update - Dan Parks
TID revenues for FY 2016-17 will be flat or up slightly when compared to the prior year. The Lodge at Sonoma renovation and the heavy winter rains will have an impact on first quarter occupancy and TOT and TID revenues.
Marketing Report – Group Marketing – Bill Blum and Melody Lanthorn Gale
Lots of good comments have been received about the television commercials which have been running. The marketing campaign will continue through March with a Film Festival push at the end of the month. MPINCC trade show is in SF today and Jonny is there representing the destination along with the sales teams from Sonoma’s group hotels. The Wine & Brews Fest in Palm Springs was very successful with a great turnout, and the Luxury Meetings Summit in San Diego produced some nice group leads.
Consideration of Items for Future Agenda - Norm Krug
By-Laws / Agreements Review Discussion of Grant Program and potential opportunities
Board Member Comments Cathy Capriola – Suggests using Dropbox as a way to share TID information such as minutes, agendas, agreements, etc. with the Board
Meeting adjournment. Set date for next meeting: Thursday, April 13, 2017 at 8 AM at Best Western Sonoma Valley Inn