Sonoma Tourism Improvement District Board of Directors Annual Meeting Minutes for June 8, 2017

Present: Norm Krug, Bill Blum, Kaala Stewart, Zac Weinberg, Cathy Capriola Absent: Melody Lanthorn-Gale, Dan Parks Guests: Jonny Westom 

Call to Order; Roll call - Norm Krug 

Public Comment – None 

Approval of Minutes of May 11, 2017 - Norm Krug Motion made by Cathy Capriola to approve the minutes. Motion seconded by Zac Weinberg. Motion passes unanimously. Election of Officers – Norm Krug Norm presented a slate of officers for consideration: Norm Krug – President, Melody Lanthorn-Gale – Vice President, Bill Blum – Secretary, Dan Parks - Treasurer Motion made by Zac Weinberg to approve the slate of officers as presented. Motion seconded by Cathy Capriola. Motion passes unanimously. FY 2017/18 Draft Budget Review and Possible Approval – Norm Krug The draft budget for FY 2017-18 was reviewed and discussed. Suggestion was made to re-organize budget so Heritage and Community Events (Lighting of the Plaza, 4th of July Parade, Festival and Fireworks, Vintage Festival, Flag Day and Mexican Independence Day) are their own line item in the budget. Also suggested was increasing TID revenues 2% over the prior year to $760,000, reduce the Visitors Bureau marketing contribution from $500,000 to $475,000, add $25,000 for research, increase 

Motion made by Cathy Capriola to approve the FY 2017/18 Budget with discussed changes. Motion seconded by Bill Blum. Motion passes unanimously. Marketing Report – Jonny Westom 

SVVB Annual Meeting went very well. Marketing campaign and website both have produced record impressions. Marketing budget will be completed shortly once TID budget is finalized. Will begin working on media plan that impacts the off-season months. May begin earlier in October to help stimulate November business. Partnered with Sunset on the Sunset Celebration at Cornerstone. Received a $5,000 sponsorship for assisting in the event. Hosted Media Day at the Lodge and had over 25 media and 100+ members attend. Attended Destination CA Conference and had 26 one-on-one appointments with planners promoting the destination for group business. CVENT conference is next week. Discussion of Scheduling Brown Act and Public Records Training – Bill Blum Will contact John Lambeth from Civitas about doing the training in the next few months. Consideration of Items for Future Agenda - Norm Krug Update on TOT increase on the November Ballot – Cathy Capriola Board Member Comments - None Meeting adjournment. Set date for next meeting: Thursday, July 13, 2017 at 8 AM at Best Western Sonoma Valley Inn