Sonoma Tourism Improvement District Board of Directors Meeting & Brown Act and Public Records Training Minutes for August 10, 2017 Present: Bill Blum, Kaala Stewart, Zac Weinberg, Cathy Capriola, Dan Parks Absent: Norman Krug, Melody Lanthorn Gale (attended Brown Act and Public Records Training) Guests: Jonny Westom, John Lambeth 

Call to Order; Roll Call – Bill Blum Public Comment – None Brown Act and Public Records Training – John Lambeth from Civitas Advisors 

Approval of Minutes of July 13, 2017 – Bill Blum Motion made by Zac Weinberg to approve the minutes. Motion seconded by Dan Parks. Motion passes unanimously. Financial Update – Dan Parks We are in a quiet period as far as spending as we do very little marketing in the peak months. We’re awaiting our next payment from the City and once we receive it will be in good shape to start to fund the winter marketing campaign. 

Marketing Report – Jonny Westom 

The focus has been on community relations before we ramp up with our off-season marketing efforts. The media plan is approved and has more digital and less radio. Will be meeting with Lisa Jansen from the City on the Plaza Lighting to see how the event could be enhanced. Will be proposing a research project from the companies that submitted proposals. The Valley has still not recovered fully from the first quarter rains with occupancy ytd at 71.4% vs 74.8% last year to date. June finished at 81.9% which was up 1.2% from the prior year.

Review Draft Heritage and Community Event Agreement and Policy – Bill Blum Still working with Cathy Capriola on this and will report when we have a draft ready agreement and policy ready for consideration. As we will be reviewing grants at our next meeting, we will consider those Heritage and Community Events that have submitted grant requests in the traditional fashion.

Discussion and Possible Action on Maintaining an Emergency Marketing Fund – Dan Parks The Board passed a motion on November 9, 2016 to keep an emergency reserve of $100,000 to provide bridge funding due to a natural disaster, economic downturn or business interruption. Will look into setting aside $100,000 for the Emergency Marketing Fund in a separate account.

Consideration of Items for Future Agenda – Bill Blum Review Grant Requests Review Heritage and Community Event Agreement and Policy

Board Member Comments - None

Meeting adjournment.

Set date for next meeting: Thursday, September 14, 2017 from 8 AM to 11 am at the Best Western Sonoma Valley Inn