Meeting Minutes for September 8, 2016

Present: Carol Giovanatto, Byron Jones, Wendy Stewart, Kaala Stewart, Dan Parks, and Melody Lanthorn-Gale Absent: Bill Blum, Norm Krug Guests: Zac Weinberg 

Call to Order; Roll call-Wendy 8:00 AM 

Public Comment – None 

Motion made by Carol Giovanatto to approve minutes of August 11, 2016 Motion seconded by Melody Lanthorn-Gale. Motion Passes unanimously. Byron Jones on TID Board-Norm Krug 

Byron Jones plans to resign in 60 days. 

Financial Update - Dan Parks Tabled. 

Marketing Update - Jonny Westom Not in attendance. Grant application review and Executive Committee Recommendations-Norm Krug 

Wendy to call Sonoma Community Center to encourage them to apply for a grant. Agree to make exceptions to accept additional applications, since we made a change to the application process this year. 

Transcendence: History is that in 2015 requested $10K, we granted $7,500 for 2015-16. For 2016-17 requested $10,500, we suggest $7,500. Byron motioned to approve, Dan seconded, unanimously agreed to grant $7,500. 

New: BR Cohn-Sonoma Extra-Virgin Festival suggests $2,500. Carol motioned to deny, Byron seconded, unanimously agreed to deny the request. 

Wine Country Optics: History is that in 2014-15 they requested $6K for the Bird Counting Event, we granted $5K for the 2015 event. This year they requested $6K for 2016-17 – a different event, Dan motioned to turned down, need more stats. Revisit-would like more information. Next year reapply. What about 2016 bird count? 

New: Jack London Film Festival, not off peak Thursday-Saturday 11/3, 11/4, 11/5. Hold Wendy to gather more information. This will be re-visited. 

Sonoma International Film Festival-last year (2015-16) received $7,500. Requested $15K for 2016-17, will receive $7,500, not off peak. Byron motioned to approve, Dan seconded, unanimously approved $7,500. 

Vintage Festival September 2016, not off peak. In 2013-14 they received $5K, 2016-17 they requested $5K. Executive committee suggests $2,500. Wendy motioned for $5K, Carol seconded, unanimous approval at $5K due to long standing nature of event in Sonoma. 

Page 2 Sonoma TID Minutes of September 8, 2016 - Continued Dan is seeking an application from the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art. All applications needing more information or new applications will be reviewed at the next meeting. 

TID Annual Report to the City - Carol Giovanatto The TBID presented the plan for 2017 to City Council on August 18, 2016. Carol states; ‘Well done comprehensive report. Council accepted report with recommendations from the Mayor to set up reserve formal guidelines to protect TID in case of economic downturn. We already have a reserve but it’s not specified how we should use it.' Holidays in Sonoma update - Jonny Westom 

Not in attendance. Consideration of Items for Future Agenda Norm Krug 

Zac Weinberg and Byron Jones at next meeting propose agenda item to discuss current reserve policy and addressing more formal guidelines. 

The SVVB is requesting the operating money we give them all at once for 2017. 

Byron Requests a detailed report from SVVB about website performance. 

Reminder – Networking with TBID and B&B Association will be held at Pangloss on 10/25 from 6pm-7:30pm. Board Member Comments Byron gave thanks to Bill Blum for his commitment to the TID Board. 

Carol motioned to close meeting, second by Byron. 

Motion to reopen meeting by Carol, Wendy second. 

SVVB is requesting the $100K all at once instead of installments. Informed Dan about proposed current reserve policy by Byron. 

Carol motioned to close meeting, second by Byron 

Meeting adjournment. Set date for next meeting: Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 8 AM at Best Western Sonoma Valley Inn