Winery Opens its First Tasting Room on Sonoma Plaza

July 1 2016, Sonoma, CA - After many long months of planning, Fulcrum Wines is excited to open the newest Tasting Room on the historic Sonoma Plaza.  Fulcrum was founded in 2006 as a Pinot-centric winery and has grown continually since then by producing Pinot Noirs from some of California’s most prestigious vineyards such as Gap’s Crown, Brosseau, Donnelly Creek, Landy and Durell.  The tasting room will be highlighting all of the wines from Fulcrum in a modern, elegant space that is both intimate and comfortable.

Tasting Room Space and Location
The Tasting Room is located at 25 East Napa Street, in the Sonoma Court Shops, right off the Sonoma Town Plaza.  Winemaker and Owner David Rossi explained, “While Fulcrum crafts wines from various parts of California the majority of our vineyard sources are located in Sonoma County, so naturally we wanted a location that spoke to the heart of the winery.”  The Tasting Room, designed in a contemporary style, is unique in Sonoma and was designed by Co-Owner of the winery Christinna Rossi.  With white quartz countertops, sleek black and silver walls, black velvet chairs with acrylic legs and chrome lighting fixtures, the space offers a stylish environment, while remaining warm and inviting. Prominently displayed in the Tasting Room is original artwork by Stephen Hall including two commissioned pieces which are used on Fulcrum labels.

Tasting Philosophy and Guest Experience
 “Fulcrum is a very personal project for us and we want the Tasting Room experience to be a personal experience for our guests.” said Mr. Rossi.  “Of course tasting beautiful wines is at the core of any great tasting room experience, but we also hope to convey the stories of the people and places that help us make our wines memorable.” Guests will have an opportunity to taste several of our highly acclaimed Pinot Noirs, and through comparing and contrasting them, learn about how each is different and special.  A knowledgeable team will guide each guest through the wines and Winemaker David Rossi will be on site often to provide even more in-depth understanding of the winemaking process.  Guests can call ahead to see if David will be at the tasting room or request that he be there if available.

The Tasting Room is open to the Public from 11 – 6 p.m. Monday – Thursday, 11-7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, and 11 to 6 p.m. on Sundays.  Hours vary seasonally so visitors should call ahead to (707) 931-6097 or visit the website at www.FulcrumWines.com. 

Tasting:  Tasting Fees will be waived for the month of July and then will be charged thereafter

Telephone:  (707) 931-6097

Email: tasting@fulcrumwines.com

Website: www.fulcrumwines.com
Address:  25 East Napa Street, Suite D, Sonoma, CA 95476