The Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau, Destination Strategy Team and Board of Directors is excited to introduce our new brand.

Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau (SVVB) has developed a strategy for the Sonoma Valley brand, as a travel and tourism destination. Our goal as a destination is to provide a distinctive, truly, one-of-a-kind experience to all guests visiting Sonoma Valley. By adopting this community-focused Promise, you will be part of the foundation for the hospitality and tourism industry in our beautiful destination.

The genuine destination brand we launched yesterday is in fact new, and it provides a guide (roadmap), at the 30,000 foot level for our organization. That said, the creative that was shown was a sample of the style of our new campaign. The SVVB brand is designed to promote every aspect of the destination that has a tourism related consumer touchpoint.

This brand promise and our destination strategy is the first of its kind in Sonoma Valley. Sonoma Valley Brand Promise (launched yesterday):

It’s easy to enjoy our relaxed wine country lifestyle in a charming vintage escape.

Experience the true taste of California; welcoming and naturally friendly.

The art of enjoying life.

The promise encompasses all of the positive emotional attachments that guests and visitors feel when visiting our unique destination. This is the promise that our Destination Strategy Team created, based on the 1000’s of surveys we collected, which includes surveys from our local community (i.e. all members). Members will be receiving an email next week with a unique login to our Member Extranet.

We look forward to implementing this new destination strategy to guests from around the world. Please find a few helpful links below, and help us exemplify the Sonoma Valley Brand. 


We look forward to working with you and feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments.