Author: Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau

2022 Holiday Shopping Guide

Tuesday, November 15, 2022 3:00 PM by Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau

Sonoma's family-owned boutiques and wineries make holiday shopping extra special! It's always a treat to skip the big retail giants to find something unique for your friends and family. And best of all, you get to support small town shopkeepers who give their hearts and souls to our local community. Come support Sonoma's best on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and even Cyber Monday and wow... Read More »

While the adage of drinking what you enjoy always rings true, it’s also true that the perfect wine and food pairing can be transcendent. Take it from us: understanding grape varietals and which meals match them best is sure to create a flavor explosion that you won’t soon forget. Whether you seek to match textures, or balance out flavors, pairing wine with intention can take your dining experience... Read More »

Harvest season comes in as many crops as it does colors, and while Sonoma Valley is best known for wine, it is also celebrated by those-who-know for its quality cannabis. In fact, some of the valley’s premier cannabis hails from the foothills of Sonoma Mountain in Glen Ellen, where fields are flat with a slight grade, absorbing plenty of afternoon sunshine—an ideal spot for the dry, well-drained... Read More »

Cannabis 101: A Visitors' Guide

Monday, September 19, 2022 10:00 AM by Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau

Cannabis tourism is growing quickly throughout California. With over 800 dispensaries, cannabis is as approachable as it is legal. With lots of ways to enjoy it, from smoking or vaping to ingesting edibles or drinking it in tonics or sodas, and with countless strains to explore, from indica to sativa, consumers will find as much diversity in the possibilities as they would in the wine, beer and... Read More »

Celebrating the Grape Harvest

Tuesday, August 23, 2022 2:00 PM by Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau

When budbreak starts in early March, it’s hard to believe the tiny buds we see on the vine turn into the beautiful grape clusters that make Sonoma Valley wines so delicious. An incredible team effort goes into making a vintage great, from the weather, soil and sun exposure of a given vine to the influence of the growers and winemakers—a concept wine-lovers call terroir. You can taste Sonoma... Read More »

Sonoma Valley is full of amazing things to do--so much so, that often times, the real gems never even make the guidebooks. That's why we’ve put together this list of some of our favorite hotspots and things to do—all are sure to make your next trip to Sonoma Valley a visit to remember. If you like what you read, come back again in the fall for the next edition of this quarterly series.


As a hotbed of sustainable agriculture and small family farms for decades, it’s no wonder Sonoma Valley became the birthplace of the American farm-to-table movement. Blessed with rich soils, a sunny climate and cooling fog and sea breezes makes the food here taste special--so much so that the iconic food writer, MFK Fisher, made the valley her final home, and Chez Panisse founder Alice Waters... Read More »

There's nothing like ripe, succulent summer peaches and tart, fresh blueberries to grace your summer table! This delicious summer dessert, brought to us by Highwayman Wines, is the perfect Sonoma summer treat. We recommend trying it alongside a cool, crisp bottle of Highwayman's Doxy Charm, a light and bright sparkling wine of rosé made in the traditional method, sure to refresh the palate. ... Read More »

Any person can pick up a guide book of the fun and exciting things to do in Sonoma Valley, but it takes some local wisdom to know where you can find the hidden gems that everyone doesn’t already know about. We've put together this compilation of local businesses that you need to check out--the first of a quarterly series to highlight all the spots locals' love. Stay tuned for more more as the year... Read More »

In Sonoma Valley we take winegrowing seriously. In wine country, “wine growers” are the skilled farmers who grow the grapes for the wine, an esteemed profession because true wine lovers know that the quality of the product in the bottle starts with the work of the hands in the field. While grapevines are prolific and widely planted around the world, cultivating them successfully from the beginning... Read More »