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Farm Fun in Sonoma Valley

Tuesday, June 1, 2021 3:00 PM by Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau

As a hotbed of sustainable agriculture and small family farms for decades, it’s no wonder Sonoma Valley became the birthplace of the American farm-to-table movement. Blessed with rich soils, a sunny climate and cooling fog and sea breezes makes the food here taste special--so much so that the iconic food writer, MFK Fisher, made the valley her final home, and Chez Panisse founder Alice Waters... Read More »

Summer is here and we are ready to travel! Get your shots and start planning your trip to Sonoma Valley with this guide to some of the new openings and offerings from the best of California's wine country.

We can't wait to see you in Sonoma!


Sosie Wines’ brand-new tasting room brings French-inspired wine to the Sonoma Plaza. Sosie’s organically and sustainably farmed... Read More »

Like most of California, Sonoma Valley's natural beauty and pleasant weather is coupled with the Mediterranean climate that brings mild, wet winters and dry summers. The lush hills that sprout wildflowers in winter and spring turn to golden waves of grasses studded with oaks in the summer. A defining characteristic of this climate is less rainfall than other parts of the continental United States,... Read More »


Sonoma Valley’s diversity of natural habitats and micro-climates makes it a perfect spot to see wildlife and unique plants.

The fact that the greater county of Sonoma boasts over 400 species of endemic plants, of which 150 are rare species or subspecies, is a testament to the incredible richness of our valley. From the marshes of San Pablo Bay and the thermal springs... Read More »

Want to tour wine country without driving your car, but maybe in a limo or a trolley? Sonoma Valley has it. What about a vintage VW microbus for a winery tour, or an electric scooter or bike to take you down the trails towards farms and vineyards? Sonoma has that too.

In fact, in Sonoma Valley you can get out and explore on two wheels, four wheels and even by hot-air balloon. Sometimes the... Read More »

Sonoma Valley is all about enjoying life on a small scale. Perhaps due its compact size of only 30,000 residents spread out over a 17-mile area and development of villages centered around agriculture, residents like to welcome visitors with small-town hospitality. It’s not uncommon that everyone you encounter, from Carneros to Sonoma to Kenwood, will be happy to stop and talk to you, offer you... Read More »

You can't live on wine alone in Sonoma. Sometimes you need a good cup of coffee to get you ready for the day of adventures, or for an afternoon break before getting back out there.

Here some good spots to find a good cup of coffee in Sonoma Valley - and espresso, cafe au lait and a latte, too.

Taub Family Outpost
On the Sonoma Plaza
Sonoma, CA

They might be known for their amazing meals and the... Read More »

Kunde Family Winery serves this appetizer at the height of spring, when fresh herbs like dill and green onions are in season. Serve this to start off a meal, or on its own for an afternoon picnic or winetasting. With bright lemony flavors, the crostini pair beautifully with Kunde's Block 4SB20 Sauvignon Blanc--yum!


  • 1 sourdough baguette – thinly sliced
  • Olive oil
  • 8 oz package cream

Mustard Season in Sonoma Valley

Tuesday, February 23, 2021 10:00 AM by Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau

Springtime in Sonoma Valley means blue skies, white fluffy clouds and bright yellow fields of wild mustard flowers in the fields. While it can be tempting to walk over to the nearest field of brilliant flowers and lay down, it's not advised to go running around on private property, and trampling over what is actually an important cover crop for vineyards might be detrimental to the farmer trying... Read More »

Romance is alive in Sonoma Valley, whether you’re looking for a special night out, the picture-perfect spot to propose, cozy stargazing or a unique place to spend a night away. (Check local conditions for lodging availability. The famed wine country Valley just north of San Francisco is home to more than 100 wineries, and many are offering special Valentine’s themed tastings. Bring your sweetie or... Read More »