A Delicate Balance

  • May 07 - October 19, 2021


A Delicate Balance

Public Art Exhibition in Sonoma Plaza

This public art exhibition, a partnership between Sonoma Valley Museum of Art and the City of Sonoma, presents eight large-scale sculptures by four major artists from diverse backgrounds—Bruce Beasley, Catherine Daley, Peter Hassen, and Jun Kaneko.  A Delicate Balance, on view in the Sonoma Plaza, explores the equilibrium between the fragile and the solid, nature and technology, and humankind and science. Through a variety of mediums, forms, and genres, the installation reminds us of the delicate balances of life as we consider how our world has changed over the past year.

Sonoma Valley Chamber of Commerce
Creative Sonoma
Leslie & Mac McQuown
Dana Simpson-Stokes & Ken Stokes
Elaine & Graham Smith
Bank of Marin
Steel Geisha Designs