Blind Wine Tasting with Meadowcroft Wines


Challenge yourself to a Blind Wine Tasting!  Using just your smell and taste, you’ll taste four wines and guess their grape variety, region, and price.

Meadowcroft Wines is launching an at-home Blind Wine Tasting Kit for $125 which includes four bottles of wines with labels concealed, detailed instructions on set up, two tasting mats, wine flavor chart, and sealed confidential answer sheet.    Do this experience in the comfort of your home or send a kit to your family or friend and do it together via video chat.  Book a Virtual Tasting appointment with Meadowcroft’s Wine Experts to have them lead you through the experience.   The kit is available on Meadowcroft’s online shop or order over the phone (707) 934-4090.  Kits can be shipped or picked up curbside at their Sonoma Valley Tasting Room. 

“Blind Tasting is a term for tasting wines without seeing the label or knowing what the wine is.  This activity is a great way to test your wine knowledge.  The object is to ascertain such features as varieties, region, vintage, and price of wine purely through the act of seeing, smelling, and tasting the wine in the glass,” says Tom Meadowcroft, Owner and WineGrower at Meadowcroft Wines, “We’re bringing the wine experience to the comfort of your home.  This fun and education experience can be shared with friends and family across the country.”