Butterfly & Hummingbird Flower Garden

  • April 15 - 25, 2021


Let's Celebrate Spring, Earth Day 2021 and Help our Pollinator Friends!

Brenda McNeill and friends will help you join in with a gift of seeds to create beauty and abundance. Brenda McNeill is a luxury real estate and leisure lifestyle specialist and founder of Sonoma Nature Journal Club.

Seed gift packets specially curated to attract butterflies and hummingbirdswill be gifted to local residents the week before Earth Day 2021. Each gift will contain a mix of seeds ready for plantings and contain beautiful flowers. In addition to the seed packets, a complete list of the flowers enclosed, overall information sheet, and simple planting guidelines will be provided.

Brenda McNeill and Karin Campion as well as the Sonoma Nature Club members and Sonoma Mentoring Alliance mentors and mentees with the suppor of specialty food company Sonoma Syrup, have carefully created these packages. It is their hope that in addition to helping the birds and butterflies that this Spring gift will also help our local Sonoma business community.

Visit the sponsors on Instagram: @artofleisuresonomanapa, @sonomasyrupco, @sonomavalleymentoring.

The community can stop by one of the local business participants to pick up the Butterfly & Hummingbird seed packets from the 15th through the 25th of April. A few are listed below. For a full list of participating businesses go to the blog: www.artofleisure.com .

*Half Pint * Basque Boulangerie Café * Candlestick Shop * Scott Nichols Gallery *Prohibition Spirits Distillery * Sonoma Country Antiques * Chateau Sonoma *Sweet Scoops