Hula in the Plaza

  • Grinstead Theater
    Sonoma Plaza,
  • From: 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM


Hula in the Plaza is a Hula Mai’s annual Gift of Aloha to the people of Sonoma.

In 2019 Hula Mai will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary, so this show will include “the best” numbers from previous years as well as new additions.

The show will highlight the wide variety in hula- from ancient and sacred chants to the most modern – hula using percussion implements of bamboo, shells and gourds – and the so-called Golden Age of Hollywood Hula.

A new addition to the 10th Anniversary show will be dances from the Maori culture, which, like Hawaiian, is Polynesian, but is quite distinct in both music and dance- including the twirling of “poi balls.”

This special 2-hour long program begins at 5 pm in the Grinstead Theatre on the Sonoma Plaza.