Sugarloaf Perspectives

  • 6/25/2022, 7/9/2022, 7/23/2022, 8/6/2022, 8/20/2022, 9/3/2022, 9/10/2022
  • 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Storytelling is humanity’s oldest artform, likely originating before the cave paintings of the Stone Age. This summer we introduce “Sugarloaf Perspectives," a storytelling series that brings new voices and people to the park while teaching about the natural environment. Every other Saturday, instead of our regular family campfire, we will have a Perspective.

On 6/25, world-renowned multi-disciplinary artist Bernie Krause will present how sound became his life-long pursuit, and how it applies to conservation.

On 7/9, Dr. Dan Levitis will delight us with an unusual story, even for a biologist: have you ever been barfed on by a condor?

On 7/23, we’ll learn about the secret lives of Alma and Arsel, leaders of the Senderos Naturales program.

On 8/6, Megan Walla-Murphy re-introduces bear culture to Sonoma County.

On 8/20, we welcome Desi Harp, member of the Onasáti tribe (mistakenly called “guapo” by the Spanish and “wappo” by Anglo-American settlers) to regale us with song, dance, and the story of creation.

On 9/3 we are left gasping from laughter induced by SEC’s Educator Jonny Ehlers.

Finally, on 9/10, Sonoma Ecology Center’s ED Richard Dale and Park Manager John Roney relate how a partnership between non-profits, community, and government led to today’s operation of Sugarloaf Ridge State Park.

Tickets are $20. Meet at the amphitheater. We invite you to show up earlier than 7 pm for a self-guided nature walk or picnic prior to the event. Parking fees apply.