Wet Felted Pots

  • February 13, 2021
  • 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM


10:00AM-12:00PM PT / 1:00-3:00PM ET

Instructor: Yoyo Koch

Felting is the process of matting and pressing animal fibers together. Wet felting uses water, soap and agitation to open up then bind the fibers together creating a material that isn’t woven (like linen, cotton etc). It’s been traced back historically as one of the 1st art forms as Felt provided clothing, shelter, rope, bags, rugs and numerous other practical items. Today Felting is still used to make useful items but has expanded into a recognized Art Form. The uses of felt may have changed over time but the methods of felting remain the same with just a few modern updates.

Have you made a 3D shape through wet felting before? This is your chance to create unique little pots with fiber through the wet felting process! You’ll learn how to place your wool around a plastic circle, which wet felting technique to use and how to keep your pots from collapsing. You’ll be amazed by how fun and easy the process is. Discover how much diversity there is in working with Fiber Arts!

Advanced Beginner / Intermediate
Ages 13+