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Welcome to California’s world-class wine regions!

Somewhere along the way, Northern California became synonymous with fine wine, but the rolling fields and stunning vistas of Sonoma, Napa, and the Russian River Valley are so much more than just a few words on a wine label – they’re a destination. We could go on and on about how the Chateau Montelena and the Judgment of Paris changed the future of California winemaking for good, or how the terroir from vineyard to vineyard is as special and unique as a fingerprint, but to really understand the magic inherent in this vineyard-strewn land you have to come and see it.

From the history to the people to the culture, there’s a true sense of place here, and that’s just what the world’s best winemakers pride themselves on capturing in each and every bottle they produce.
Imagine being picked up from the resort in a nice black SUV and then heading off, happy and brimming with excitement, into everything wine country has to offer. A truly great trip to California wine country is an immersive experience, and no amount of studying or expert certifications can match the expertise and insider access provided by a local guide.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive wine country tour and a guide that will create a detailed itinerary every bit as unique as you are, then you’ve come to the right place! Before any planning takes place, we’ll discuss your likes and dislikes, your list of must-see places, and make some suggestions based on our knowledge of the area and what we’ve learned about you. The main goal is always to let you relax while we infuse your visit with a heaping helping of fun!

Tony Russo

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