According to TripAdvisor reviewers, these US spots have the top-rated vacation rentals for hosting a girlfriends getaway.

Admitting that you need a girlfriends’ getaway? Easy. It’s been forever since you’ve seen your sorority sisters, old coworkers, or high-school bffs. But between booking a hotel and finding a babysitter, travel expenses add up fast. While we can’t help you clear your calendar or stress less about leaving the family, pets, and/or plants behind, we can help you find an affordable place to stay in an amazing destination.

Renting a home is an easy way to score extra bedrooms and bathrooms while keeping the cost down—but don’t just take our word for it. Millions of travelers have written about their best-friend reunions and bachelorette weekends on our site, so we dove into their reviews to identify the most popular girlfriend getaways in the country.

Put simply, our algorithm analyzed every property review on TripAdvisorRentals to identify the destinations with the highest-rated rental homes for hosting a girls weekend. Translation: Go here for a good time. The best part? These spots are located all over the country, so no matter where you live, there’s a destination within weekend-travel distance. Start packing your bags for wine tastings, harbor tours, and watching the sunset from your rental’s hot tub.


With its 400 wineries and Instagram-worthy scenery, Sonoma is a quintessential girlfriends’ getaway. Book a charming country cottage and spend the day sampling farm-to-table cuisine or touring world-renowned vineyards. Tasting room experiences abound, but don’t miss the opportunity to explore this diverse part of the country. Visit one of the region’s 11 state parks to hike coastal cliffs or wander through towering redwoods.

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