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Arts & Culture

The art and culture present in Sonoma Valley is varietal and vibrant. While exhibiting breathtaking works of art, Sonoma also offers experiences in film, theatre and music. Here, you will discover world-class and local artists work in unique galleries and shops. The Sonoma Valley Museum of Art houses more than 80 exhibitions providing interactive educational programs. You can also participate in an art workshop to create your own story while enjoying the presence of natural beauty and scenic views. Not only does Sonoma have a taste for art, it is a profound location where musicians and performers love to come. Stumble upon a local musician on a corner of the Plaza that shares their passion for sound with their passing listeners. Or attend a festival hosting music legends of all genres. Don’t forget about Sonoma International Film Festival’s annual celebrations as stars flock to the valley for screenings of stellar new films. There is no better way to experience the bohemian essence of Sonoma Valley than absorbing all that the art and culture has to bestow. 

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