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Best Ways to Enjoy Fall in Sonoma Valley

  • 4 min read

Fall is one of the most romantic times to come visit Sonoma Valley. The vines transform from green to a kaleidoscope of reds, oranges, and yellows, the scent of fermenting wine fills the air, and harvest parties…

Celebrating the Harvest, Sonoma-Style

  • 4 min read

In wine country, the late summer and early fall are abuzz with so much talk of harvest, they make pumpkin spice season look like child’s play. For generations, the harvest represents the fruits of our labors…

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Top Hidden Gems in Sonoma Valley Aug 22

Sonoma Valley is full of amazing things to do--so much so, that often times, the real gems never even make the guidebooks. That's why we’ve put together this list of some of…

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Best Activities for Families Apr 18

Best Activities for Families

  • 7 min read

Sonoma Valley’s abundance of nature, parks, historical sites, and attractions makes it an ideal playground for families with kids…

A Field Guide to Sonoma Valley Feb 22

A Field Guide to Sonoma Valley

  • 7 min read

Sonoma Valley’s diversity of natural habitats and micro-climates makes it a perfect spot to see wildlife and unique plants. The…

Cannabis 101: A Visitors' Guide Sep 19

Cannabis 101: A Visitors' Guide

  • 5 min read

Cannabis tourism is growing quickly throughout California. With over 800 dispensaries, cannabis is as approachable as it is legal. With…