About Sonoma Plaza

The historic Sonoma Plaza lies at the heart of Sonoma Valley—gateway region to Sonoma County. Sonoma Plaza's done it all—Mexican military outpost, fleeting frontier republic, Spanish Mission village. Now a gorgeous historic landmark and "slow" culture capitol, Sonoma Plaza radiates romance around every corner, cafe and cobblestone...

It's Sweet to be Slow

Along with being named the happiest place in California (and one of the happiest nationally) Sonoma County was voted #1 Wine Destination in the USA. And there’s no better place to anchor your visit than Sonoma Plaza, which is ranked as the #1 attraction to visit in Sonoma.

Whether you're here for an overnight or extended stay, Sonoma Plaza offers the picture-perfect start (and end) to your adventures. It's a pedestrian paradise, so ditch the car keys and discover Real Wine Country on foot or bicycle. The Plaza's old adobe storefronts, meandering alleyways, sunlit courtyards and historic landmarks hum with an eclectic mix of restaurants, hotels, tasting rooms, cafes, artisan boutiques, galleries—even a vintage movie house. As for the nature lover, wildflower hikes and stunning hilltop vistas abound within just a short distance. Anchoring it all is the tranquil Plaza itself, whose vast green stretches of lawn and immense tree canopy create a lush setting for picnics, cultural activities and weekly farmers markets.

Given the abundance of Plaza-centric events throughout the year, there's usually something utterly enchanting happening, whether it's an old-fashioned Fourth of July parade or a glitzy international film festival.

For visitors hankering to expand their horizons, Sonoma Plaza's central location make it an ideal base from which to explore Sonoma Valley, neighoboring wine regions, the Sonoma Coast and Bay Area at large.



The Past makes for a fascinating present. Miwok Indians. Spanish Missionaries. Mexican military generals. American adventurers, outlaws, farmers, fortune seekers and eccentrics. Sonoma Valley's history is a glittering microcosm of the West; a simple stroll around the Plaza can feel like losing yourself in another century. Learn More