Want to tour wine country without driving your car, but maybe in a limo or a trolley? Sonoma Valley has it. What about a vintage VW microbus for a winery tour, or an electric scooter or bike to take you down the trails towards farms and vineyards? Sonoma has that too. In fact, in Sonoma Valley you can get out and explore on two wheels, four wheels and even by hot-air balloon. Sometimes the journey is the destination, as is the case with the zipline through the ancient redwoods. Wine tours, cannabis excursions, cheese walks - here's how to discover Sonoma Valley in a unique way:


Touring on four wheels is a great way to cover a lot of distances in a short time, particularly in larger groups, making family reunions and bachelorette parties even merrier! And having a driver means you can glide effortlessly from one wine tasting to the next and travel in safety, without having to draw straws for who’s going to be the designated driver. For deluxe travel, look to Pure Luxury Transportation for the comfort of limousines and town cars. California Wine Tours and Platypus Wine Tours offer well-appointed buses and vans, allowing you to customize according to group size without compromising comfort.

Those who are looking for a truly unique experience might consider Happy Travelers Cannabis Tours, a fun and educational van touring experience that brings you to visit growers and dispensaries. For those who love vintage novelty, look no further than West Wine Tours, whose fleet of vintage Volkswagen buses makes for a retro wine tasting experience. And for a larger retro experience, check out the Sonoma Valley Wine Trolley and get the whole fam damily aboard!


Touring on two or three wheels means you can still cover a lot of ground but at a slower and more digestible pace. Cycling can be a great way to take in the sights and sounds of the valley, whether you’re feeling super speedy or slow-on-the-roll. If that’s your speed, Wine Country Cyclery and Sonoma Adventures offer bike rentals for easy excursions through the vineyards or tougher climbs into the hills above the valley. But if you have a wild hair, like to roll alone, and/or cover shorter distances at a faster pace, renting a Segway can be a great way to bop around town without wearing yourself out.

If the vintage experience is more your jam, you won’t want to miss out on sidecar touring with Rides by Me. This personalized experience allows a driver in a classic motorcycle to seat up to two additional people in a sidecar—the ultimate tour for newlyweds and couples who love to keep things close and adventurous!

Those who are challenged with personal mobility will delight in renting an Etrike from Pushpak Motors. Their three-wheeled electric bikes are comfortable and easy to operate so that you’re sure to take it all in.


There’s nothing like the bird’s eye view to put life into perspective. Touring by air is a fascinating way to take in the topography of Wine Country, while embracing thrill and adventure. Seeing the area’s famous Redwood trees becomes even more exciting with Sonoma Canopy Tours’ zipline adventures—perfect for friend trips or corporate retreats. And if you’ve always dreamed of floating above the vineyards with a glass of wine in hand, look no further than Sonoma Ballooning Adventures, the ultimate in air travel.


Say what you will about traveling on wheels, but there’s nothing quite like touring the old-fashioned way, on two legs. Paced to your comfort level, with varying degrees of challenge, you’re most likely to get the experience you are expecting. Outdoor enthusiasts will rejoice on an Active Wine Adventures excursion, taking you into Sonoma County’s most beautiful parklands and some of its most memorable wineries, allowing you to indulge in decadence and self-care all on the same trip. Foodies will flock to Sonoma Food Tours, a slow-paced mosey from one exciting food experience to the next; it’s a hedonist’s paradise, tastefully tailored to fine palates.


Sonoma is a must-see destination for foodies, wine-lovers, and nature-enthusiasts alike. Once you choose the goals you have for your visit, be sure to consider how you’d like to travel. Not every visitor wants to rent a car, and in Wine Country, it’s always best to have a designated driver if you want to indulge in the fun. There’s an ideal way to tour for everyone. All you need to do is choose your own adventure!