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We are happy to be able to host our tastings at the historic Joseph Hooker House in downtown Sonoma. The quaint saltbox home has a very limited amount of space, so appointments are required.

There are two tasting options for you to choose from below:

• Our Bedrock Wines tasting is $45 per person and consists of five wines, sprawling the state of California through the lens of historic and heritage vineyards. A tasting fee is waived with a purchase of two bottles.

• With the Under the Wire + Caviar experience, we offer a tasting of our sparkling wines paired with caviar. Guests will enjoy three 1-oz tins of caviar sourced from our favorite local purveyors, Bellwether Farms crème fraîche, along with a selection from a wide variety of chips. With our grab-bag selection of chips (think Doritos, Bugles, and Lays) we try to have fun with this “high-low” experience. Under the Wire wines are made by the Bedrock team, and focus on single-vineyard, single-vintage sparkling wines crafted in the traditional champagne methode, sourced from unique vineyards across the state of California. *Tasting fee not waived with bottle purchases.

We make wines from an array of old vineyards from around the state, so tastings at Bedrock are structured to show a breadth of style while focusing on history, particularly that of Sonoma Valley. We endeavor to create an experience that is a reflection of how we view our wines: the foremost priority is for them to be delicious, but they can also provide great intellectual fodder if you choose to go that route. Now open 6 days a week. Only closed on Wednesdays.


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  • Carignane:
  • Gewurztraminer:
  • Late Harvest:
  • Mourvedre:
  • Petit Sirah:
  • Red Blend:
  • Riesling:
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  • Sparkling/Champagne:
  • Syrah:
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