Deerfield Ranch Winery

  • 10200 Sonoma Highway, Kenwood
    CA, 95452


Visit us on your next wine country excursion. Our tasting room is in the center of our 23,000 square feet wine cave, in the heart of the production facility.

You walk through the crush pad, around the fermenting tanks through beautiful Redwood portal doors into the cave. Stroll past hundreds of barrels full of wine to the center of the wine glass shaped cave and into the Grand Room. Sit comfortably in overstuffed couches and chairs, instead of standing at a crowded tasting bar.

You'll be greeted by one of our hosts, or Bill Klein, our tasting room manager, or PJ Rex, the winemaker's wife, or perhaps Robert, the winemaker, and Obi Wine Kenobi, the winery dog.

You'll have the opportunity to relax and savor various flights of wine selected from the 20 wines made by Deerfield. Your taste and our hosts will guide you on a sensory experience that is much more than the average tasting. Tasting fees, which range from $20 to $45 per person can be applied to the purchase of three bottles or more. The wines range in price from $24 to $175 per bottle.

No appointment is necessary to visit the tasting room and winery on Sonoma Highway for individuals or for groups less than 8 people. For groups of 8 or more we ask that you make an appointment so that we may be better prepared. To schedule a group appointment call the tasting room at (707) 833-5215.

Library Tastings
Enjoy a private tour and tasting in the VIP Room in the cave. Deerfield barrel ages our flagship red wines longer than any California winery. Wines age faster in a barrel than in a bottle. As wines age, they develop complexity. The tasting includes five rare vintage wines. The VIP Tasting Room includes leather chairs, an inlaid mother of pearl tasting table, and local artist Fred Parker’s latest painting. Learn about the origin of Deerfield Ranch Winery, our commitment to the environment, and our organic Clean Wine® approach to winemaking. Library tastings are by appointment. The fee is $45 per person, or $50 per person if you include the tour. To schedule a library tasting call Bill at (707) 833-5215 x1003.

Estate tastings at Deerfield Ranch, the ridge-top home of Robert and PJ Rex and their first winery, can be arranged by appointment. The fee is $75 per person. PJ and/or Robert will be your host. To schedule an Estate tasting call Bill at (707) 833-5215 x1003.


Tasting Room Info
  • Days / Hours Tasting Room is Open: Monday - Sunday 10:30-4:30
  • Picnic Area:


Prominent Wines Produced
  • Cabernet Franc:
  • Cabernet Sauvignon:
  • Chardonnay:
  • Grenache:
  • Late Harvest:
  • Malbec:
  • Merlot:
  • Organic Wines Produced:
  • Pinot Grigio:
  • Pinot Noir:
  • Port/Dessert Wine:
  • Red Blend:
  • Rose:
  • Roussanne:
  • Sangiovese:
  • Sauvignon Blanc:
  • Sparkling/Champagne:
  • Syrah:
  • Zinfandel:

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