Valentine’s Day is more than just a Hallmark holiday. It’s a chance to not only connect with your significant other but also offers an opportunity to plan a little getaway with your favorite gal pals! Below, we’ve put together a list of our top five ways to spend Galentine’s Day in Sonoma Valley. With plenty of bonding activities to choose from, from spa time and outdoor adventure to wine tasting and art classes. For maximum enjoyment, plan your visit over a few days so you’re able to sample a little of everything.


Sonoma Valley has been the quintessential destination for a spa day for many generations. The native Miwok, Wappo and Pomo people used to gravitate to Sonoma Valley for its thermal pools. While plate tectonics have since rendered many of the pools dormant, the valley nevertheless remains a popular spa destination to this day.

Any spa conaisseur will tell you to check out the thermal pools at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn. In addition to soaking in the pools, you can luxuriate in their many treatments, and even stay to enjoy their long list of wellness activities, from yoga to vision-boarding. You’ll also find exceptional treatments at MacArthur Inn & Spa, and Kenwood Inn and Spa. Call ahead to make your reservations and let them know if you’re bringing a group to get the best accommodations possible.

A spa day is the perfect way to celebrate self-care and wellness, but doing it with your gal pals makes it extra special!


Sonoma Valley’s incredible diversity of nature makes it an outdoor adventurer’s paradise! From ziplining and hot-air ballooning to a hike up Sugarloaf Mountain or biking through the vineyards, there’s a thrill and skill level suitable for everyone.

Before you come, browse our list of state and regional parks, download a copy of our Field Guide to Sonoma Valley to get familiar with the local flora and fauna, and check out our list of hiking and biking trails to see what’s best for your group. For those who want to discover wine and the natural landscape at the same time, don’t miss a hiking excursion with Active Wine Adventures.

Sharing an adventure with your friends is a great way to create new memories together while basking in the natural benefits of being outdoors. Science has proven that being in nature drastically lowers cortisol levels—our stress hormones—leaving us in a relaxed state of mind. When combining that with movement, we can’t help but feel invigorated and at peace.


Are you and your girlfriends the type that love learning new things? Do you relish flexing your creativity? Then get ready, because Sonoma Valley is a haven for arts of all kinds.

If you love cooking, try your hand at cheesemaking with Chef Sheana Davis of the Epicurean Connection, or cooking classes at the Sonoma Community Center. Those who love creative projects can find plenty to choose from, from glass-blowing and ceramics, to watercolor classes. Check out the calendars of events at places like Sonoma Community Center, Art Escape, and Musette for starters. Musette has the added benefit of offering women’s circle groups, so you won’t just get creative, but also go deep to process your emotional experiences with your friends.

Creativity is a fun way to boost your mood and self-esteem, relieve anxiety and stress, help with problem-solving and foster better social connections. So grab a pack of your besties and sign up for a creative adventure that’s sure to stimulate mind and soul.


No one does eating and drinking like we do here in Sonoma Valley—it’s an area rich in agricultural abundance that’s given birth to the California wine industry in the 19th century and the farm-to-table movement back in the 1970s, attracted famous food and wine writers like the legendary MFK Fisher, and even inspired the theme of the annual Sonoma International Film Festival that takes place in March. So when it comes to getting geeky about food and wine—and also now beer, spirits and cider—Sonoma County is full of offerings.

For those who want to get a sampling in a short amount of time, sign up for a tour with Sonoma Food Tour or Gourmet Food & Wine Tours, which will take you to a few restaurants and wineries around the plaza in an afternoon. Are you a cheese fanatic? Don’t miss a visit to Vella Cheese Company, home to famous aged Jack cheeses. For interesting olive-oil tasting experiences, check out The Olive Press off Arnold Drive or McEvoy Ranch just outside the valley in Petaluma. For those who want to dine at a relaxed pace, check out our wide array of restaurants, cafes, and bistros, and make a reservation to be sure of the perfect table or patio dining experience.

Wine lovers will relish over a hundred wineries and tasting rooms to sample from, and those who love to imbibe but don’t love wine will enjoy tasting experiences at Pomme Cider Shop, Hanson of Sonoma Distillery, Prohibition Spirits, nd Sonoma Springs Brewery, to name a few. If you’re among the California sober-curious, check out SPARC cannabis dispensary and consider visiting a cannabis farm in neighboring regions with Happy Traveler’s Tours.

Eating, drinking, and feasting with friends is one of the best ways to foster connection to people and place. Allow yourself to be delighted by our local chefs, winemakers, cheesemakers and olive oil producers and taste for yourself why our local terroir is so special. Treat yourself to a designated driver with one our transportation partners and up your fun factor without taking unnecessary chances.


A little retail therapy never hurt anyone, particularly on a girls’ getaway! Our local boutiques stretch across the valley, from Viansa Winery & Marketplace to Kenwood, with the highest concentration of shops in the historic Sonoma Plaza. From home furnishings and antique stores to clothing boutiques and gift shops, there’s something for every taste and interest.

For home décor and furnishings, check out Chateau Sonoma, JAK W, and Harvest Home & Fat Pilgrim, Artefact Design & Salvage, and Sonoma Country Antiques. These creative shopkeepers are up-to-date on the latest trends and have a fun time sourcing some of the finest furnishings and décor in Wine Country. Looking for a new outfit? Don’t miss boutiques like Bossa Nova, Large Leather, Stella Grey, or Socks on the Square—the best of wine country fashion. And don’t miss novelty stores like Global HeartWoof!, Tiddle E. Winks, and Refill Madness—four boutiques that you definitely won’t find just anywhere.

For those looking for the ultimate souvenir shop, be sure to cap your visit with a trip to the Barracks Gift Shop on the square. You’ll find locally made t-shirts, ball caps, stickers, postcards and more.

Retail therapy may seem like a punchline, but it’s no joke. Science has proven its benefits for boosting your mood, confidence and sense of control. And nothing’s more fun than shopping or browsing with friends. So take advantage of Sonoma Valley’s offerings, and support your mood as well as the local economy.

* * * * *

Plan your next girls’ visit to Sonoma Valley, whether it’s in celebration of Galentine’s Day, a Bachelorette Party, or just a fun reunion. You’re sure to find activities and events that will help you unwind, bring out your lighter side, and create memories that will last a lifetime.