Sonoma County is considered a hotspot of American cuisine for a reason. The famous food writer M.F.K. Fisher came to Sonoma in 1971 to cook and to write, putting it on the map with other cooking mavens such as Julia Child, Richard Olney and James Beard. Ever since, it’s been regarded as the birthplace of American cuisine and the farm-to-table movement. That legacy stands strong today, represented by nationally recognized natural food companies such as Traditional Medicinals, Amy’s, Miyoko’s, Guayaki Yerba Maté, Cowgirl Creamery, and the Tortilla Factory—amongst many others—who have made the county their headquarters.

The culture of Sonoma Valley is therefore all about healthy living and healthy eating. You’ll see this represented in our farmers markets, farm-forward ingredients listed on restaurant menus, and in the incredible abundance of produce at markets like Sonoma Market, Glen Ellen Village Market, and Whole Foods Sonoma.

But when it comes to where to eat in Sonoma Valley, the list is long. To narrow it down, we’ve put together this list where those who are on strict diets can easily find delicious, healthy and nutritious dishes to eat. Sonoma Valley restaurants are typically very accommodating of food restrictions and allergies, but variety is more visible at some establishments over others.


Oak Hill Farm

Oak Hill Farm is one of the valley's finest local farms. On land first farmed by small groups of First Nation Sonomans, Oak Hill has been iconic in that it was the first in the valley to be protected as agricultural land by the Sonoma Land Trust--all 700 acres of it--and as one of the first farms to embrace organic practices. It's been in the Teller and Bucklin families for many generations. Today, Melissa Bucklin-Good and Jimi Good farm it, bringing life to diverse vegetables, succulent fruits, seasonal wreaths and beautiful flowers. You can find their produce at Sonoma Market, the Friday Morning Farmer's Market or at their farmstand at the Red Barn. Open on Saturdays and Wednesdays, but check their website for details.

Sonoma Valley Certified Farmer's Market

Every Friday morning, all year round, the Friday Farmer's Market brings the Field of Dreams parking lot to life with the best produce Sonoma Valley has to offer. In addition to being one of the easiest places to find healthy fruits and vegetables, it's also a wonderful community gathering place, where local crafts, artisan foods like honey and cheese, and ready-to-eat food stands create a happy vibe of cheer and abundance. Winter is traditionally a more quiet time for the market, but absolutely still worth a visit for winter veggies like kale, cabbage, and so much more. 

Sonoma Market & Juice Bar

Sonoma Market is headquarters to all things made and grown in Sonoma. From their pre-prepared foods and local cheese selection to their memorable butcher and fish counters, it’s one of the places food lovers go for the freshest local ingredients. One of their best-kept secrets, however, is their juice bar. Located at the front entrance of the store, it’s a great place to go for a last-minute wellness shot when you’re under the weather, a restorative hangover helper after a long day of wine tasting, or a nutrient-dense smoothie to start the day off right.

Glen Ellen Village Market

Glen Ellen Village Market is the stuff of prepared food heaven! With an entire section of the store dedicated to a hot bar, cold bar, deli counter, and cheese selections, you’re sure to make the most of your Wine Country picnic, with plenty of healthy options to choose from. Their two-aisle salad bar alone is legendary. But beyond the pre-prepared foods are a beautiful selection of produce, fresh and delicious beverages to go, and a small but well curated wellness section. Enhance your wellness by eating your meal underneath an umbrella in their lovely garden in the back of the store.

Whole Foods

Located in the heart of downtown Sonoma, Whole Foods is the national home of all things healthy. Whether you’re looking for fresh, organic foods, their whole body and wellness section, or their extensive kombucha section, you simply can’t go wrong. The staff is always friendly and eager to lend a hand to our visitors. Check out their healthy snacks in the bulk bin aisle for tasty treats to accommodate every dietary restriction, not to mention their divine salad bar, and extensive paleo and keto selections.


Sunflower Caffé

Sunflower Caffé is where those with dietary restrictions go to find their bliss. From an avocado toast piled high with roasted carrots and sprouts on locally made gluten-free bread to delectable salads and scrambles, the restaurant prides itself on healthy, nutrient-dense ingredients that soothe both body and soul. Beyond the menu, any diner would swoon at their courtyard terrace, always steeped in dappled sunlight and surrounded by serene plants. But if that’s not enough, you’ll also delight in their customer service. While the line may seem long, it moves quickly, and the meals come to your table in mere minutes. The price of your meal includes their gratuity, creating a team atmosphere so heartfelt it trickles down to the pleasure of the dining experience.

Valley Bar + Bottle

Any farm-to-table chef will tell you that the quality of the ingredients is what makes a dish great. But when those ingredients are simply prepared in creative ways, you feel like you’re being inspired as much as well-fed. The team at Valley Bar + Bottle offers a beautiful courtyard dining experience in an elegant family-style format. Without fanfare or bravado, they manage to make seemingly simple dishes like braised carrots, butter beans and chicken taste otherworldly. With melt-in-your-mouth flavors, shareable plates, and an organic and biodynamic wine list that dazzles with variety as well as fair prices, you’re sure to find your wellness at Valley.

Tasca Tasca

This Portuguese tapas bar is one of downtown Sonoma's hidden gems. With warm hospitality and a high ceiling dining room, you'll feel like you've woken up in Old World heaven. Owned by renowned Chef Manuel Azevedo, Tasca Tasca is a great way to taste the flavor inspirations behind his dishes at his fine dining venue, La Salette, but at very modest prices. Using simple ingredients, he prepares some of the most artful, shareable plates we've tasted. Order in groups of 3, 5, or 7-plate combos, and they arrive to your table on a wooden cutting board, ideally arranged for sharing. We recommend trying his Shrimp Passion Fruit Ceviche, Paté of Sardines, Lupini Beans, Smoked Duck Breast, Roasted Beet Salad, and so much more! It's the perfect place to try a variety of tasty, healthful dishes--all at a great price and with your full ability to control portions. 

Spread Kitchen

Cristina Topham’s Lebanese-inspired bowls, salads, and wraps nourish heart and soul with exquisite spices, richly prepared proteins, and some of the most beautifully prepared vegetables to ever cross your lips. Choose a protein with your dish, including black bean falafel, chicken shawarma, smoked jackfruit, and marinated sirloin, making each choice ideal for your diet or preference. Opt for their house-made vegetable pickle plate, and definitely don’t miss the Beirut hummus, baba ganoush, and muhammara spreads—perfect for picnic fare or savory snacking on their sun-splashed garden terrace. Best of all, you can indulge all of the tastiness with none of the guilt!

* * * * *

Eating healthfully in Sonoma Valley is easy to do. With quality, fresh, local ingredients, you simply can’t go wrong. If you have dietary restrictions, make sure to alert the servers in the restaurants so they can guide you to other selections or help you find creative solutions. When you’re in Sonoma Valley, you are sure to eat well!